Get Involved: You Are The 2012 Paradigm Shift

Get Involved: You Are The 2012 Paradigm Shift
By Christine Breese, Ph.D., founder of University Of Metaphysical Sciences
A lot of people try to stay out of the mess, not wanting to get involved. Staying on the sidelines is no longer an option for those who are awakening, though. We are entering a huge, historical, mass event that is already unfolding in our reality. The paradigm shift, sometime around 2012 give or take a few years, is the occurrence of mass awakening all at once in the human race. It is a miraculous event and we all play a role.
            There are forces opposing this mass awakening, so it isn’t a guarantee that it will happen for all of humanity if people don’t get involved. It is important that the word is spread so everyone knows we have a choice to experience something beautiful in humanity’s future instead of darkness and disaster. All we must do is make a conscious choice in our hearts. It is a mass vote that will be taken, and whichever side has the most votes wins, love or fear.
Will it be a vote of darkness and oppression, disaster and disease for humanity’s future, which some dark leaders are planning? Or will it be a future of love, compassion, wisdom and true freedom for human expansion and spiritual evolution? If humanity chooses love, assistance will facilitate safe passage through the paradigm shift. Some call it divine intervention if we choose love, and others say ETs are standing by who will stop the destruction, so who knows what is really going to happen. No one really knows. The cosmos is keeping it a surprise ending on purpose, it seems.
One way or another, each human is going to be faced with a choice between whether he or she will resonate with fear or if he or she will resonate with love. It is up to each person which energy he or she will align with. A person can resonate with fear by being a victim, joining forces with darkness, or refusing to make a choice by staying asleep to what is happening. A person chooses love by becoming fearless, even in the face of things that could easily cause fear; loving others anyway even in the face of chaos.
What is happening right now is a division in the mass consciousness of humanity, possibly even a splitting of the gene pool. Those who are evolved enough are moving into a new paradigm because they can experience the spiritual levels necessary, particularly that of a loving heart and realizing that all are connected to source and each other, which is humanity’s next step in evolution.
The part of humanity that is not able to move into a positive experience will move into their own world as well. In a way, it will look to each side that it “won” and got to have what it wanted. For the dark forces, it will look like everyone left. To us it will look like the dark forces left. Each will be free of the others who don’t fit their energy. There are two versions of Earth at this crossroad, two timelines, and each part of humanity will go its own way. The fight, however, is about which version gets to be official. Only one official version of Earth can happen in this physical plane. The battle is between the dark version and the light version, and it is up to the humans incarnated on the Earth as to which one gets to be officially manifested. Everyone is here to cast their vote!
There are two ships, and it is your choice which one you want to be on. The choice is bigger than just this lifetime. It is a choice to be involved for millennia in that energy, so choose wisely. Do you want to experience humanity’s destruction and suppression, an Armageddon, or do you want to experience humanity’s blossoming and expansion into its true destiny? Both choices are available.
No more sitting on the sidelines. Humanity’s survival and entrance into a new paradigm of love and wisdom is dependent on you and the others you can reach. Talk to people about what you know, what their choices are, and learn how to converse in a language people can understand. You can say the same thing to one person one way and a different way to another so that each will understand what you’re saying in their own language. Don’t try to get people to understand it the way you do. Offer what they can accept.
It won’t do to cry “end of the world” doom and gloom because most people tune that out. It is more appropriate to talk about the possibilities for the future and the choices people can make in the face of what’s coming. You’ll find yourself in a position to counsel those who are losing everything or are shocked from abrupt life changes or realizations. You can help them choose peace instead of suffering and adjust to the changes.
There is a wildfire of enlightenment spreading throughout humanity in every individual, and people like you are here to help them. It is important that you take this opportunity for service. In doing so you accomplish your purpose and assist humanity. This is not a time to stay uninvolved because you don’t want to rock the boat. In a way, that is how the world got the way it is. Too many people were not stopping what they saw was wrong because they didn’t want to attract attention even as they saw injustice happening. They were in fear of what would happen if they asserted their own will for a better reality. Everyone has been afraid of that.
The power of one to change the world is in you. Fortunately, all you have to do first is align yourself in your heart with what you want in your future. No outward battles are necessary, only an inner change. Just reach out to the part of the universe you can reach, which are the people around you. Share when the opportunities to do so arise. If you are already a teacher or leader in spiritual circles, then share what you know with your group. It is a time of change that is upon us now, and you can make a difference. The paradigm shift is a mass event in which everyone is involved!
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Personal policies for transformation

Hi Christine, three cheers for this insightful article. I too agree this is the time to choose which ship to set your sails on, fear or love. I feel that most people want to resonate with love from the inside out, but may not know how. We are so trained by the media to operate from fear that love is a skill that needs practice. I have been working on a program called Personal Policy to address this need, and other practical skills to help readers set the example from the inside out. Personal policies are software upgrades for the mind. Your work is inspiring me to work harder, work faster to do my part in our collective evolution. Namaste, Jeffrey

whatever life is, it is just

whatever life is, it is just beautiful...

Mindfulness is the answer

The Law of Attraction is ALWAYS working! Each of us MUST focus on what goodness we desire ... NOT on what we do NOT want, do not desire, nor on what we FEAR! This law DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE FOR OR AGAINST A THOUGHT! THIS LAW ONLY COMPLIES WITH THE THOUGHT ITSELF!!! Holding our thoughts steadfastly to the good, the true and the beautiful ... and moment by moment correcting our thoughts that do not comply ... we will through such self discipline bring these GOOD thoughts into manifestations ... manifest into our experience PROPORTIONATELY to their occupany of our thoughts. (Uh huh ... there's that theory of relativeity again). Be an example! Let YOUR light so shine. This is the way to radiate and pass on from person to person with PERSONAL MINDFULNESS! So be it!!!

Shift paradigm...

It's not a easy task to define the events that are to be taken place in the our planet. In my traditional perception of this shifting, there are some wisdom to be recall as a reminder of who we are, as species and as spiritual beings. We perceived light and darkness as a simbiotic relationship with the creation (universe) in wich balance and harmony play an important rol in the human evolution. For us it is not enough to know the path, but to walk the path is different story.The forces that rule the universal energies are not to be voted on it, but is to accept that this forces have influences in our phisical and spiritual realm, the healing will start when we became aware of the effect of this forces and we are able to work with such forces in a conscience and positive way, become conected with earth and her energies, to heal and became healers, to love and be loved The shifting is universal, is not unique to earth, been lined up with this forces will put us in a very challenging position, we feel compelled to both forces the yin and the yan, the femenine and the masculine, the earth and the sun, the solar system and the cosmos, we are heading to the great experience, the shifting of the conscieness of all times at least our time. I will like to emphazised that this evolutionary stage will change the rotation of our energy field as well the rotation of our dna, becoming aligned with the new earth rotation and the polar shifting will dramatically change the way we see the universe in it whole dimension, the end of the world? No, the begining yes, the new race will flourish with a inmense knowledge of our spiritual escence and the conection with the universal divine (energy source), we will come back to the root of who we really are.

A dream

A couple of years ago I had a dream. Everytime I think of this dream, I can't help myself but to burst out and cry. I had a dream of being outdoors. I was sitting on a white bench and there were three others with me. I could not see myself per se but I remember wearing a white toga. The three others were wearing white robes or what seemed to look like togas as well. There were two people sitting next to me on this white bench and the third person was a man who was standing in front of me very erect and smiling. He stood very tall....about 6ft. 2in and very blonde hair and fair skin. We were all communicating at the same time but with no words being exchanged. In the background I remember noticing white columns and magnificent white buildings. The most asmazing part of this dream is that we were all leaders. We were silently sharing opinions with each other and agreeing with what each other were saying and at the same time holding our own opinion. This dream just felt so vivid! And as I stated, I can't help but to cry everytime I think of this dream...It feels like almost a loss or longing....very strange. I never felt a pain like this before....Hits me right in my center chest region each and every time. Also, I had the wonderful opportunity to attain a Master's degree in the field of Metaphysics through the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Unfortunately, I am currently at a stand still in furthering my education to a Ph.D. I don't think I would qualify. I don't even think I qualify for a Masters although I have a piece of paper saying I do. Although I'm very confused and feel lost at the moment, I do know this. I want what everybody else wants...Peace, trust, feeling safe in the world, respecting each other as ourselves and each of us being recognized by each other as our own sovereign.

Your greatest reality

I felt lost and fearful myself for years. Thank God for the day when I found Jesus. I never had peace and joy and assurance and felt safe until I accepted jesus Christ as my savior. There is nothing in the world that's greater or more important than accepting Him and making Him Lord of your life.




share me your contact as i wrote almost same passages 1994--1997 for which was almost executed by lucifer at that time..... our communication will serve humanity as u gained personal insight.. we shall publish together


You people are bonkers. If you want some sanity read some Richard Dawkins

So who is bonkers?

Aha, well I have and very much enjoyed it! Better still, I attended some of his lectures when I lived in Longwall Street next to New College, in Oxford (UK) in the early seventies. Science was persecuted for centuries by the Vatican and there is much in Dawkins' writings that I can agree with. My parents did not stop to wonder whether I wanted to be baptised, confirmed and brought up by Jesuits and then by Benedictine monks, etc. which finally left me fervently and militantly anti-Vatican to their great dismay. But, equally, there is a whole lot in Dawkins' writings that I cannot agree with because he merely confirms the old saying that extremes breed extremes. Yes, science fought back quite rightly but science has also since evolved beyond protons and electrons and beyond quarks to what they now refer to as 'God's particle', the first manifestation of matter in the first instance of big bang, plus the theory of chords, etc. before this. It has taken science almost a century to start to approach Elaine Pagel's cosmic doctrine of creation and many considered her to be insane at the time. Stating sanity or insanity thus is only a personal matter of immediate opposing perceptions. You sound agnostic rather than a gnostic which is a great shame as evolution is not just a resultant stagnant brain-washed state of birth, it is above all a dynamic living state of thinking, well for humans at least. You sound like you could be a member of the Atheist Alliance International that heaped its highest reward upon Dawkins but they remain like a dogmatic ostrich whilst science continues to advance and leave them behind. It's heads up out of the earth if you want to continue to evolve. Then and only then can you truly see and follow what strikes your heart and mind and thus continue your own personal inner path, in the darkness or in the light... May you fare well.

Well said!

Well said!

New World Order

I recently watched a few documentaries about the Illuminati and the people behind the power structure in the world, particularly in the United States, and how they are manipulating people into believing that there is global warming and they will use this to apply dozens of carbon taxes. They have also been putting fear into the peoples hearts by introducing terrorism and are slowly breaking down the constitution in North America. Their ultimate goal is to form one world government and implant computer chips into everyone so that they can constantly monitor and control us. What they ultimately cannot control are the events of 2012 and the effects thereof and this might be how we can break free of their slavery. If any of you are interested the documentaries, they are: 'Zeitgeist', 'The Illuminati' and 'The Obama Deception'. Try to search for and download them, they are a must if you havent already seen them. Peace to all


About a year ago I had a startling mind was clear at the time and I wasn't focused on anything which is usually when i receive something like this. What I saw was a map of the United States or i was actually above it it seemed and then along the East Coast bright flashes started and glowed, then suddenly I was one of the bright flashes in form as well but glowing and this continued slowly at first and then very fast. Then I could see more bright light as many began to stand up just where they were and glow. Then at the same instant we all turned to the West and it then appeared as a Red Flash Fire across the country all the way across. What I then felt during the vision wasn't that everyone was going to roast in this blaze but the words that finally we were "catching on"

Paradigm Shift

This was great to read. It is the first time I have seen something written about the fight for the soul of humanity. I have been seeing the conflict of Darkness versus light. I have slowly understood it is a time of Choice. Do we want to remain the self centered, materialistic race we have become? Do we want to grow to be more the being of love and light that we can be? I have felt entities working on both sides of the conflict. The dark seem to work to keep humanity "asleep", unaware of the Choice; and unaware of the power to choose that we have at this time.


I have many dreams....lots of animal ones, esp. about snakes and big cats, and many of an enigmatic or esoteric kind. When I had my massive awakening in 1985 (I had a couple of minor ones before that), I saw a woman giving birth in a cave and a spiritual man was assisting her whilst the earthly father stood at the cave mouth keeping guard. A UFO then landed and satan got out of it dressed in a red silk cloak with a large stand up collar. He stormed to the cave,swiping the father of the child aside. He strode toward the woman and made a grab for the newborn child to devour it ......and then it all went black. In another dream I was with my father (who was no longer alive) and we went down an alley and took some bricks from a wall. We then saw a ceremony going on. In the scene that met our eyes there was a wide set of about four or five steps at the top of which was a platform and some curtains like veils from which a roman soldier was emerging. In the foreground was a representation of an egyptian god with a bird's head and another being was presenting him with a heart on a cushion for him to weigh. These are just two of many such dreams I've had.

My dream was almost identical to yours

I am very much in touch with the Earth and it's vibrations. When I have dreams some of them are very vivid and I can remember every detail about them. In 2008... I forgot the month, I had a very very vivid dream. this is the dream. I was standing inside a huge, huge cave. I was inside the cave looking toward the opening which was about 75 feet high by about 35 feet wide. On the right side of the opening of the cave, inside the cave, were 5 tiers that looked liked shelves. This area was used by people to sleep at night. Behind me, further into the cave, on the cave wall, was an area where a natural waterfall came out of the wall and showered down into a small trench like system to carry the water out of the cave. The waterfall was used for bathing and drinking. With me were about 4 to five other families living in this cave. Just beyond the opening of the mouth of the cave, a small dirt trail lead downwards and then up a hill to the left, to an area where it was flat. this is the area where everyone ate and prepared food. three small wooden buildings resembling old western style buildings were directly behind where we ate...they were filled with food and supplies. During the preparation of the evening meal and discussion we heard a noise. A large green rectangular ship soared over head that resembled something like the ship on the movie aliens2. The ship landed directly in front of the cave that was actually down below us in a small valley, because we were up top on a flat piece of ground. Rocks and pine trees surrounded the area and the air was crisp and clean, nothing that we have ever breathed on Earth. The air was actually sweet tasting, almost like sugar but not to harsh. The lower door opened on the ship and 2 Marines jumped out carrying a couple of wooden boxes up the trail to where we were. I spoke with them for a few minutes after they had reached the top and asked a couple of questions. this is how the conversation went. " So, how is everything back on Earth?" " You don't want to know my friend. A lot of people are dead and still dying. we are trying to get as many as we can off the planet and colonize worlds we found earlier...that no one knew about, and the Government kept secret. The destruction is herendous. Everything is burning and places are flooded. They still don't have an actual amount of the people killed, but it is alot." " My GOD!!...How are you supplying other worlds? " " We find what we can. We salvage what is possible. People are the most important thing right now. People have changed, thier better now, even though many have died. we help one another in any way we can. The Earth is almost completley destroyed. Water is everywhere, the ground is cracked open, fires are spreading and people are getting sicker, It's almost to much for both of us to stand. this is all we do... all the time... is ship supplies to where they are needed. I lost my family, and my partner didn't have a family, so he has no one." " Is there anything I can do to help? Is there something here you can use? " " We ocassionally get water to fuel the ships and for drinking, but other than that, we find what we can find, to try to help others on Earth and other colonies on other worlds." The next thing I knew they were walking back to the ship and taking off. My job was to teach the children and start a new world. we lived in peace and we outlawed any type of violence or war. Our children were paired up with thier future mates and they started thier lives early..getting to understand one another and work in harmony. If anyone else has had this dream, please respond to this page. I know a change is coming, and we don't have to be afraid...all we have to do is help others understand what is a way they can understand. Get a few supplies together and medical kits just in case we need them..or someone does. tune into Earths energy, make yourself a part of everything around you by concentrating and focusing your thoughts on the planet and everything on it. Focus your inner being on the higher power ( God ) or the universe. think positive thoughts and calm yourself and have faith. things will work out the way they are suppose to work out. thanks, john h.

reply to 2012 paradigm shift

Dear Christine and readers, What an oasis of light! I have been glued to this site for hours watching all Christine's videos today. Everything here resonates so much with me. It simply feels like truth. I just wanted to add the the word "discernment" to the mix. As Christine stated "Will it be a vote of darkness and oppression, disaster and disease for humanity’s future, which some dark leaders are planning? " Well, What do we do when dark leaders usurp good causes under dark intentions? For example: Most people agree that Global Warming is a good cause that deserves a worthy debate and appropriate action, but it seems to me that dark leaders may be capitalizing on the public's ignorance and vulnerability by using the upcoming Copenhagen treaty to install a tyrannical New World Order. I do not mean to start a political debate in this forum, but If you can suspend judgment and just give me the benefit of the doubt for a moment I think you can see that this thing, and this type of thing causes a great dilemma for those looking to choose sides. Namaste, Rex


There are so many predictions,signs and interpretations to be just predictions, there have always been soothsayers and mediums who have predicted what is coming..........but if you enjut life,love people and live a religiously clean life, you should nbot be afraid of the future of humanity or the earth, look at the facts...Nostradamus predictions, the Bible predictions with wars,destruction,plus the start of one-world economy

New World Order

I recently watched a few documentaries about the Illuminati and the people behind the power structure in the world, particularly in the United States, and how they are manipulating people into believing that there is global warming and they will use this to apply dozens of carbon taxes. They have also been putting fear into the peoples hearts by introducing terrorism and are slowly breaking down the constitution in North America. Their ultimate goal is to form one world government and implant computer chips into everyone so that they can constantly monitor and control us. What they ultimately cannot control are the events of 2012 and the effects thereof and this might be how we can break free of their slavery. If you are interested the documentaries are called Zeitgeist, The Illuminati and the Obama Deception. Try to search for and download them, they are a must if you havent already seen them. Peace

Visions and Awakenings

Some years ago, God gave me a beautiful gift. The ability to not only see my Angels but the ability to communicate with others, To Asto travel, and to see what lies ahead. I have tried to use this in the best interest of humanity. God is my saviour and as such, all that is, is Love, Pure Love. I try to work the way that God has given me, and with this it has brought tremendous peace within myself. I still look at those children starving, families going through hell without food and water, but then I look at the other level of life. It has given me the hope and the strength to reach out to these and to help them through these times of grief and anxiety and hopefully awaken them to Gods travel arrangements. My First experiance was being in a cave with 50 cots, all were just plain, but each time I visited the cave, a cot would light up. This is each person awakening within me and others around me. Then I was visited by the Virgin Mary, she was handing me her baby. A baby that I could see so clear. At first I did not know what this was, but as time went by, it became claer that I was to be reborn into Christ. The baby was a symbol of Mary giving me the chance to change my life for the better, to enable me to work with what I have rather than what I wanted. This may sound a little weird, but it's the only way that I am able to explain what happened. I now have a first class call from God. Whenever I want something from Him, to show that I am on the right track, He will reply with a code that I know comes only from Him, for the chances of this code occuring as regular as it does, and then only after I have asked God a question, is, in my opinion and belief, can only have come from God. People often ask me, what my religion is. I reply that I don't have a religion, but that I am religious, I believe in God, I have trust in God, and I have faith in God. what more do I need. God is my Guide, My friend, My love, my Father. Am I ready to take the next step? to move forward and to be at one with God. I do hope so, but then He will guide me and when the time comes, I will be ready to accept, I will wait for his calling to the next awakening. Blessings, Love Peace & Light Rev Jack

In a vision dream, I saw in

In a vision dream, I saw in the darkness to my left two rattles, like the ones the Natives use for their music, and it was playing an Native song. Without warning i noticed the Star of David appearing to my right. It was bright white and it was floating. At that moment I questioned: " why the Star of David? I am not Jewish! I do not know anything about their religion". Then the rattles at my left called my attention again. This time, I noticed that the rattles were playing two songs, like if they were one behind the other. I realized that all this times the two songs had been playing at the same time but that it was only after you really pay careful attention that one would be able to notice that there was two instead of one song. I realized that the second song was hidden. Again the Star of David on my right caught my attention but this time I watched it move toward me but while moving the upside down triangle that formed the Star started to disappeared. Now in front of me still floating was left only an upright triangle. The triangle had the shape of a half moon on the inside bottom of it, connecting the two bottom corners. I was admiring it and wondering what that half moon shaped figured was when, I noticed someone started to speak to me. I couldn't hear a voice, I knew it was through telepathy. The one speaking I believe was in a form of an ancient male God, at least that was the impression I got. And it said: " INSIDE THE TRIANGLE IS ALL THE KNOWLEDGE OF EVERYTHING THERE IS, OF ALL CREATION...AND IT HAS BEEN PUT THERE TO BE PROTECTED BY THE ANCIENTS OF THE PAST AND THE ANCIENTS OF THE FUTURE TO BE SHOWN TO SOME AT THE RIGHT TIME". That was the end of it. This vision was given to me in 1999. In the year 2000 there was an aliment of our planets and the formation made the shape of the star of David. Our moon was one of those planets involved in making that shape. So if you were to stand outside the earth looking out into space and you could see the upright triangle that our moon was part of you would have seen that half of our moon was inside the triangle shape. Love and Light to all May the Force be with You Always



The Grand Rebirth

This was given me in a vision 08/10/09. It is “The Sisters of the Light” that will do the work of bringing the message of hope to the world. Between now and the grand rebirth in 2012, each one will learn more about their gifts and their mission. Each one will expand their horizons to learn all they can about the messages that need to be taken all over Mother Earth to the leaders through their women, their wives, mothers, friends and daughters. It is through these women that we can and will change what “IS” into what “has to be”. We will see world peace, the end of hunger, freedom for all and the restoration of Mother Earth to her sacred state that our grand fathers and mothers had, generations ago. The Sisters of the Light will take their places, starting now to be ready to do their grand work in 2012. So many look at 2012 as the end of something, but has been shown that indeed it is the beginning of something wonderful. And it will be the Goddesses that will lead the way. As a man in this world, I now dedicate myself to helping these wonderful sisters take their places. I will share, teach and more important, learn from them as we get ready for the rebirth of mankind.


The message is indeed a beautiful one for the conscious community, however, just got a problem with the terminology.....Humanity has the root word human meaning hubris man or animal man. Although humanity may suffer during the paradigm shift, man will transcend the fetters of the flesh if necessary to make it to and through to the fourth dimension.......Peace!!!!!!

Hi, Could you please explain

Hi, Could you please explain who or what the fourth demension is, and if or why do we "make it" to this place?

Definition of Human

I have never heard that definition of human. It makes sense. The defintion I was given was Hu=Light; Man=Mind; Enlightened Mind. We are That. In sharing this definition, I see both as true, for as we understand who we Truly are, we transcend our base and move into the 5th dimension;-) with mind and body as the divine tools. Peace and Light



A Calling

Here is something I wrote on a star seed social network. A Calling to Awakening Starseeds: I would like to share an emotion of greatness. Upliftment. The time is NOW and we are accelerating into the future of New. We must embrace our abilities and shed doubt. We are all mighty we are immortal. WE must awaken from conditions fully and exercise our imaginations. WE must notice habitual behaviors. WE must tune in, & receive. The dawning energies of two-thousand ten are stirring all around us as One. Receive this energy, beam it out. I for example am passionate about children, I pray to all the children in the world, and I know it reaches them, because I believe in my ability to do so. You must believe in your Spirit, Your GOD particle, your ascended self, that join you in this matrix of reality as the observer. You are truly observing yourself . If you can imagine yourself in a dream.. And then in your waking hours try to imagine this reality as a dream, and if you can begin to realize this dream, create your own world. Shift into this paradigm of possibilities.

response to A Calling,10/10/2009

I started choosing to remember my night-time dreams; I wrote them, interpret them,...and though 'awake', I now more often imagine myself in a dream, and in my so-called waking hours, my Greater Self sees more and more,...right through the inducted trance. Truely, we are all hypnotized,...and have known it not, and now, we have the gift of waking up to a lucid dream time. Please, I am ready for a brother/sister to converse with. Thea.

sorry, I forgot to give you my e-mail

Also, I'm on Facebook as Krysta Buckley.

Waking Up

Thea - I hear your plea. I've been feeling it myself. My entire life I felt "something" was going to happen in my lifetime. When I was very young it was not a conscious thing. I used to draw safe places to be with food and clean water and growing food, and many people living together usually in caves. I've been writing my dreams and thoughts down too about this time we're living in and thankful that I'm now conscious. And here I am stockpiling and living in a condo alone now a middle aged woman. Lifting my consciousness from the belief that we have to survive a terrible destruction to make it through to the other side of peaceful rebuilding. All I can say that I know for certain is what lies ahead, whatever it is (and we shouldn't become locked into any concept of what that might be), we are being made ready if we are willing to remain open in our minds and hearts, allowing our consciouness to transform before our very eyes. Everything is turning and changing on a dime in these times. What I believed yesterday is new today. Not necessarily different but lifted up. I have come to realize my dreams/visions are very real and the reflection of my current state of consciousness of what the times now and ahead of me will be - for me. And that I need to allow them to continue to change and refine as I do so I'll be where I need to be, in consciousness, with all the others who want the same world I want to live in. Any feelings of frustration or "unworthiness" or fear are useless to ponder and only interfere with the internal change that needs to occur so we're prepared. I'm saying this for myself! Everything we need to be and know is here right now, and now, and now. It's always here with us, pressing upon us. We just need to relax, to be still and allow that to ford it's path in us. It seems to be a contradiction, to relax and comfort our minds in this time when it feels like a war, chaos, pathos are imminent. But that is the only way to survive in the way that we want to. Our dreams and visions may be different because we're different. We're strangers. But we know something is happening and we can encourage each other. Thank you for offering me the opportunity to share my own experience with you. I need to converse too.


will the world really end in 2012? :c

I think for those who have a

I think for those who have a clear vision it will be the year 2020.=)


No, the world is not going to end. Rememeber what they said about the year 2000? Some took all their money from the banks and others commited suicide.... Just say not this time , live your life the way you can.. Don't believe everything they say and every thing you see on tv...............

thats so true

thats so true